4 of the Most Problematized Taxation Issues and How to Solve Them

Paying your taxes is a good way to support the government. Since taxation is a mode whereby the state raises funds, everybody that is identified and tasked to pay must submit and hand in their contribution. However, paying taxes is not always easy. Aside from the fact that is a considerable financial burden, the technicalities behind the entire process trouble a lot of people.

Unified Accounting & TAX, a well-established professional tax and accounting firm in San Francisco Bay Area California, certainly knows the struggle of handling taxation. Whether you are paying taxes for your personal capacity or as a corporate entity, there will be hurdles that should be conquered. For your convenience, we listed some common tax problems and their suggested solutions. Read the following:

  • Problem #1: Late tax returns.
    Solution: Prepare beforehand.
    Tax returns can be quite a handful. Such documents may require you to attach rims of supporting evidence to prove that you are entitled to certain tax benefits and whatnot. Certainly, you will need capable hands to support you in this matter. Hire persons with high organizational and time management skills. Also, do not be a buzzer beater. When possible, try to file returns ahead of the stipulated deadline. This way, you will not be caught in the filing traffic.
  • Problem #2: Heavy tax burdens.
    Solution: Know your tax options.
    Are you considering not to pay your tax dues because your current finances cannot afford it? What you are planning to do is wrong. Doing this will only create further tax liabilities such as additional surcharges and even tax suits! The better thing to do is to inquire with the IRS with what options are available to you. Notably, paying through installment basis is possible.
  • Problem #3: Tax refund forfeit.
    Solution: Act on it immediately.
    Just because you are eligible for a tax benefit the state is offering, it does not mean that you can automatically claim for the same. The IRS has certain guidelines to every tax benefit taxpayers may claim for. Please keep in mind as well that some benefits, if left unclaimed for some time, may expire. Remember, tax refunds and other credits will be very helpful in solving your corporate difficulties. In some arrangements, you can even offset tax refunds to zero your tax liabilities.
  • Problem #4: Item inaccuracies.
    Solution: Be picky with your accountants.
    IRS agents are ruthless. They are trained to be extremely vigilant to spot even the minutest discrepancies. To counter this, you need accountants that are as meticulous. To make the most of your tax mapping, your accountants must be competent enough to only submit reports that are properly reviewed and well-recorded.

Not satisfied with your current accountants? Go ahead and find someone better!

Providers of tax and accounting solutions in Fremont California are practically everywhere, but not everyone has the tools and skills that will offer you financial security. Let Unified Accounting & TAX be your aid in making your business success story come to life!

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