Adaptability to Work-Life Harmony

Creating a work-life harmony could be challenging in this digital era where everyone is always on the other end of the email. Most work past office hours, especially nowadays when employees around the globe have embraced the work-from-home setting. And when you’re working non-stop for an extended period, it gets harder to take care of yourself. As a result, burnout enters the picture, making the whole scenario unfitting.


Here are some of the simple ways that you can do to achieve work-life harmony while working remotely.


Communicate Your Thoughts. In any setting, holding back what you think and feel could become suffocating eventually, so it’ll be best for you to feel free open up and discuss your thoughts. In Unified we designed an “open system” framework so that anyone in the organization can connect and find a comfortable space to voice out what’s inside them.


Just Like a Dough, you too can rise when you take a rest. Working from home doesn’t mean you’ll have to work around the clock. It’s vital that you have time for each aspect of your life as each has benefits for you. Have a specific time for work (and play) and stick to it as much as possible. Just a reminder: it will be all right to take a break if the feeling of exhaustion starts creeping within you.


Plan your week around priorities. In terms of work, remote team members can identify and manage the tasks carefully at hand – getting to know which are urgent and not. As for the team managers, it will be helpful to support your members in identifying which job requires focus and attention at the given time.


Move Up and Shake it Off. Working over a long period in front of the computer could sometimes lead to minimal physical activity. And this happens to many people, so have your morning walk or play your favorite physical sports. Or even fun, walking around the house during meetings online.


Make conscious choices. Although being hardworking is admirable, make a conscious effort to know what will help you grow much better. If you need to rest for a while, don’t be afraid to give it yourself. If you need to learn a new skill, have some time to do it. You are making choices every day. May it be those that can eventually add up to your growth.


In Unified, we believe and champion a healthy workplace that starts with genuine care for our team members. We find innovative and creative ways to connect and make everyone feels valued, appreciated, and celebrated. Despite all the well-known challenges brought upon by this modern-day workforce setup, Unified has risen to the occasion and implemented internal programs to guarantee that every consultant is being taken care of every day.

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