Do you need to Outsource your Accounting?

What is outsourcing today?

Outsourcing, also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is the process of receiving the services and required skills from an outside company to help you manage various business activities like accounting. It has become a common business practice that allows small businesses and start-ups to grow without any substantial investments.

As your business grows wherein you need to have more accountants who can perform different tasks, but you do not have the resources to hire another full-time employee or extra equipment and space in the office, outsourcing could be the precise choice for you.

Do you need outsourcing?

Several small businesses and start-ups find it hard to hire someone with the right skills to handle their books, prepare financial statements, manage payrolls, budget their cash flow, and file federal and state taxes. In this day and age, it is even more difficult to find qualified and eligible accountants at a reasonable rate.

While it is commonly believed that accountants must be hired in-house, it is important to ask yourself whether you have the resources to get the staff with the essential skills and experiences for the job.

Due to this fact, it might be worth exploring the idea of outsourcing your accounting. If you’ve decided that this strategy is best for your business, the next step is to find a firm that provides the service that caters to your outsourcing needs.

Unified Accounting & Tax

We are a Professional Tax and Accounting Firm in Fremont, California serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

We provide exceptional tax and accounting solutions to businesses of all sizes. We strive to deliver services that are specifically structured around the needs of each individual client, helping them achieve their business goals without veering off course or going beyond budget.

Benefits of outsourcing your accounting to us

  1. Affordable – Our services are 50-70% less than the cost of having an in-house accountant.
  2. Certified Public Accountants – All of our talents consist of dedicated CPAs with extensive experience in auditing firms and knowledgeable on end to end accounting.
  3. Reliable – With us you get consistent service, so you don’t have to worry about sick days or extended vacation time.

Outsourcing accounting works, we’ve proven it.

Our clients have noticed many positive aspects of outsourcing their accounting to us, without causing complications with their employees and, most importantly, their way of business.

Our approach is to bring the same competitive advantages enjoyed by large organizations to the small and medium-sized markets. We aim to increase the efficiency and effectivity of your accounting that will result in the optimization of your operations. It will also allow you to focus your resources and time on your core business.

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