Do You Really Want a Career Change

Considering taking on a fresh career?

Career Advisor Linda Spencer shares some actionable tips for people looking to try a different career path. If you’re one of those who feels like you’re in a rut and wants to switch gears, these professional insights may help you make and survive the transition.

Measure Your Situation


What do you like about your current job? What do you dislike about it? It’s important to list these down to help you better identify career opportunities that best suit your qualifications. A few helpful things to consider:

  • What makes you feel really good?
  • What excites you in the morning?
  • What are your priorities and where does money fit in them?
  • What do you look for in a work environment, your colleagues, and the company culture?

Of course, you need to take stock of your own VIPs (values, interests, personality, and skills) and try to find common threads and themes.

One very important thing to always put in mind: if you’re not interested in something, chances are it won’t work out.



Find out as much as you can about the careers you’re interested in.

  • Talk to people who are already employed in these areas.
  • Research about these jobs online.
  • Look for career guides, discussions, and job boards.
  • Attend seminars and conferences related to your field of choice.
  • Read relevant articles.

You should be able to identify specific jobs where you can best utilize your skills, values, and interests.

Generate an Action Plan


Armed with all the knowledge you need, this is the time to set specific goals and craft an action plan.

Widen your network and get the necessary experience.

Starting in a new career will require you to reach out to people who can help you make the jump easier. Get yourself noticed. Employers like to hire people they know either personally or through their network. Connections in the industry can be beneficial in landing a new job.

Furthermore, doing internships, volunteer work, or even extra jobs can help you get the experience needed in that career change.

The decision to change jobs is not and should not come easy because it’s your future you’re talking about here.

There are tons of opportunities in finance and accounting available for you. If this is the path you’re keen on taking, then join us here at UAT.

See available opportunities here and send your CVs to

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