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As a result of being long time professional CPA and an accomplished entrepreneur, I have learned, with utmost certainty what makes a solid foundation for an effective business:

Get your ACCOUNTING right

In discussions with clients, CEOs and owners, they often mention the problems they have with their businesses. In most cases, it is the result of not having the right back-end staff, systems and tools in place. Even more, most of them are unaware of the new solutions that can help them fix their issues.

As an accounting professional, I am an expert in tracking and compiling the numbers that indicates the reason why businesses succeed or fail. In my experience; most businesses fail because they tend to overlook small problems. If you think accounting is just a small part of your company, think again.

If your accounting department can’t do proper payroll maintenance, this can lead to disillusioned employees that can ultimately kill your business from within. If your financial statements are always delayed, this will interrupt your budget planning and thus halting whatever business growth you have envisioned. I don’t even have to tell you how poor cash flow management caused several small businesses to shut down. These are just some of the BIG problems a failed accounting can cause.

In today’s challenging environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their back-end requirements, particularly accounting. An outsourcing partner like Unified Accounting & Tax can deliver superior results and minimize costs, while allowing you to focus on strengthening your core business areas.

The right outsourced accounting service

The biggest differentiator when it comes to the right accounting service provider is people & technology, let me tell you why.

The right kind of team can take your accounting function to the next level. They will not just keep your books in order but will encourage better decision-making with insights into the drivers of your business’s success. When you get an experienced and dedicated team that is focused on the accounting function for your business, it allows you and your staff to put more effort to the productive opportunities that increase profits and help your business grow.

Along with partnering with the right personnel it is also important to be equipped with up-to-date and optimized system technology to help manage your financials, not just for operational efficiency, but also to gain financial intelligence and peace of mind.

The Accountants

It’s hard to hire the right level of expertise in just one person – either you overpay a senior level person to do the basic bookkeeping or you use a junior level person that doesn’t have the expertise and experience to handle more sophisticated tasks like closing the books and producing management reports.

The alternative, outsourcing your accounting function, removes the burden and worry of hiring and training staff.

We can add value to your company with outsourcing that maximize your return on investment.

Unified Accounting & Tax performs a wide range of outsourced services that can be tailored to any company, regardless of size or type of business. We can do as much or little as you need. Our services are tailored to fit your current needs and can be continually modified as your company grows.

By partnering with us, you gain access to years of collective business experience. We leverage a work force of highly skilled and professional individuals looking for a flexible career and match them up to companies like yours that don’t need a full-time resource but competent, on-demand support.

The Technology

Every time you bring in a new staff, you have the problem with technology: training, more licenses, more equipment, more headaches.

An outsourced accounting service can (virtually) eliminate this problem. Not only do you outsource the tasks, but you also outsource the onus of keeping up to date on the latest training and software updates, we will do that for you.

The advantages of using cloud-based accounting software takes your accounting function to the next level.

We believe in working as a partner for clients and understanding their business model, work approach, and goals before the commencement of the project to perfectly meet their needs. Our emphasis is in taking proactive action at every stage, so that you get quality results with short timelines.

Contact us to outsource your requirements for accounting services; our team will be glad to help you achieve your financial goals.

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