Understanding the Financial Aspect of Your Business

When you own a business startup or when you are newly operating a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the exciting tasks of choosing your business name and logo, or even designing your website and materials. While these are undeniably important, there is the far more pressing aspect of accounting.

As a leading provider of accounting services in Fremont, California, we recognize that accounting is one of the most crucial aspects of starting and successfully operating a business. No matter how well you designed your business module, without a solid understanding of the numbers, you will not be able to survive. In fact, the streets are literally littered with former business owners who ignored the financials, only to discover too late that they were operating at a loss and not gaining profit.

While there are other factors to consider, often times, small businesses fail to make it long-term because they have not taken the financial aspect of the operation seriously. It’s easy to play the selling game, but when other components of the accounting aspect are considered—from operating costs, to taxes and permits, and long-term financial planning—it can be very easy to find yourself lost in the numbers. This can bring about the downfall of your business when you attempt to handle everything by yourself. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the number one mistake entrepreneurs tend to make is “believing you can do everything yourself”.

The Importance of Accounting and Taxation Services Professionals


Unless you are a super-genius numbers wiz or have a degree in accounting, running a successful business means having to engage the services of professionals. These individuals work to set up your accounting system, lay out the foundation of your financials, and ensure that all financial aspects of your business—including taxation—are well-managed.

For a small business or enterprise, you can either hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. A bookkeeper is perfect for the beginning of a startup business, or if the business does not require a complicated system. A bookkeeper can create and manage a good record keeping system, handle financial transactions, and produce financial statements.

An accountant, on the other hand, would be the professional to employ if you plan to grow your business in the long run or if you have a complex business structure. You should also look into hiring an accountant if you start adding more employees to your payroll. An accountant keeps your books, records, and other financial documents in check, while ensuring that the numbers are in line with your business growth.

Unified Accounting & TAX is a trusted provider of tax and accounting solutions in California. We take the time in understanding the exact needs of your business in order to develop a customized solution that fits your accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation needs.

We provide efficient and reliable taxation services with our competent accountants and a highly-advanced system that enables a paper-free accounting solution for the success of your business.

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