Meet our founder,

Harold Kinoshita

Harnessing over three decades’ worth of accounting experience, Harold gave birth to what was formerly Unified Accounting & Tax, a full-suite firm offering tailored financial solutions to Silicon Valley startups. There, Harold’s vision would set the stage for what would become a trailblazer in the offshore talent outsourcing industry.

Within just six years, Harold set off yet another evolution, elevating the firm to Unified Global and pushing the frontier of offshore talent outsourcing while still imbibing Silicon Valley’s innovative spirit.

Today, Harold leads the charge by championing the values of empathy, cutting-edge efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. He is a firm that fuses ambition with passion-led action. Unified Global is not his own, but of every consultant who believed he can make a difference and of all the clients to whom he pays the grace forward.

From visionary ambition,

to passion-led execution.

A beacon to everyone’s

boundless brilliance.

A beacon to everyone’s

boundless brilliance.

With Harold at the helm, Unified Global isn't just a remote office; it's a breeding ground for growth, a playground for ideas, and a venue where consultants realize their true life passions.

For Harold, the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. He believes in the potential in everyone, hence Unified Global’s common philosophy of synergy. He empowers each consultant so that their individual growth journey parallels that of Unified Global.

This solid support system ignites a domino effect that inspires each consultant to deliver the same level of care and thought to clients.