Welcoming the world.

Welcoming the world.

Integral to our every Unified Global interactions, TJ leads the seamless introduction of partners into our vast ecosystem of excellent services.

Overseeing the recruitment, training, and retention strategies for offshore talent to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce.

Ensuring a seamless transition for clients as they assimilate talents from Unified Global’s offshore talent ecosystem.

Ensuring optimal allocation of financial and human capital to ensure business continuity, internal drive, and client satisfaction.

Building and nurturing long-term relationships to further fill their needs and derive maximum value from our services.

Leading and guiding

the remote revolution.

As a pioneer of the remote work paradigm, Unified Global has always put people first, with TJ as our beacon of connection and care.

Years before the pandemic forced people to work remotely, TJ was already deep into laying the foundation of what we now call the modern workplace: 100% remote, 100% synergized.

She understands that our strength lies not just in our global reach, but in the individual connections we nurture every day. Connections are the cornerstone of a thriving organization. That’s why she’s bent on building a remote workplace where every member feels valued, heard, and empowered. In a world where screens can often create barriers, she's made it her mission to bridge the gap, ensuring that distance doesn't deter a consultant’s sense of belonging.