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Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous questions come into the minds of business owners when considering whether to outsource their accounting and tax. With this article, we aim to provide specific answers and information about our outsourcing solutions.

Getting Started

What are the benefits of outsourcing accounting services?

As business analysts are often quick to point out, outsourcing is an extended division of a company’s labor. To increase efficiency, it is part of a business process to try and find better, more efficient and less expensive ways of doing things. Outsourcing is one of those means.

Benefits of outsourcing includes:

  • Increased availability of qualified workforces, secure online access and faster turn around times
  • Can save at least 60% of the present cost
  • Lower the need to increase staffing levels during tax season
  • Allows you to concentrate on your core business
Why should I choose Unified Accounting & Tax?

The COST FACTOR. Costs of accounting and tax related work will be reduced by up to 70%
No overhead cost

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced turnaround time due to the time-zone advantage
  • Equipped with knowledge, experience and skills to complete large volumes of work accurately within short time frames
What is the pricing structure?

Our accounting and tax preparation services varies on the complexity of the work involved.
Our prices are very competitive and help businesses save up to 70% on their operating direct and overhead costs. Our rates depend on a number of elements, including:

  • Project type and complexity
  • Technology used
  • Needed skill and experience level of accountancy personnel
    Terms of the contract or agreement

Security and Confidentiality

What measures are in place to ensure data security?

We take data confidentiality and privacy seriously, we make sure that all client related information is not published, disseminated or sold to third-parties at any cost.

Moreover, we make all our team members sign confidentiality contracts and non-disclosure agreements at the start of every project. Our Financial Data Security Policies are as follows:


Our password secured logins restrict access to registered users. User passwords are encrypted in the SQL database and a log is maintained of all users accessing the system.

Non-disclosure / Confidentiality agreements

All our accountants sign non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements. Our team is bounded by the agreement and not permissible to share information with anybody, nor are they allowed to distribute the information with co-employees unless there is a query related to the project or task.

We have in place a comprehensive policy to ensure the security of the client’s data. The security measures adopted include:

  • A paperless procedure so that data cannot be removed and shared
  • Restriction of internet access on the computers used in operation and data retrieval
What about control over client files?

The client is always in control as it maintains the original copy of all records. Furthermore, the client can easily access the electronic files via online to view the status of each assigned task.


Is there a formal contract before work starts?

A contract is sent once the client has decided to outsource their accounting services to us. Modifications can be made to the contract to suit both sides.

What about clarifications that may be required?

Questions or any concerns can be sent directly to us, we will normally be able to reply within 24 hours. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to or call us at: 510-299-2131.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any questions or assistance, please feel free to send an email to or call us at 510-299-2131