How to Tell If Your Business May Already Be In Danger

How does a company owner like you know that the business may be in the brink of danger? Here are telling signs to help you out.

Your company’s cash runway is only expected to last for six months.


The cash runway can help determine how long will it take for your business cash to run out. This is based on the rate of cash outflow, how cash is being spent on paying business operating expenses. Consulting with financial professionals providing Accounting Services in Fremont, California will help you determine your cash runway.If there are only six months left for your cash runway, then, there might be trouble. Typically, six months is an ideal time period for a company to turn things around through financing options or pursuing back-up plans.

The business is having troubles getting new finances.


Companies often have several rounds of financing where they try to pool resources to fuel their business operations. Every financing round typically lasts for a certain period of time.If you find that it takes a long time for your business to get new finances in each round, the business may be in danger. Investors may have found out something about your company that keeps them from entrusting their finances to your company such as poor business performance.

You have significant accounts payable.


Various establishments borrow money from different entities to finance their business operations and projects. In most cases, these accounts payable are categorized into short-term and long-term AP. These payables must be paid according to their terms.Counting on accounts payable for finance is not sustainable. The business may be in trouble if you have significant accounts payable which are delayed in payments. You need to find viable tax and accounting solutions in California for this matter.

Top executives are resigning.


Do you notice your top executives tendering their resignation letters to you? They might be thinking that the business is already on the lowdown. Company products might have issues or finances might not be in order.You need to take a look into the reasons why there is a turnover in your top management. Only then can you check for solutions to address the reasons for management turnover and keep your business afloat.

The business is not reaching company milestones.


Every company has goals to reach. At the same time, they also have a projected timeline on when to reach these goals. If the company is missing out on major milestones, it may be a cause of concern. You will need immediate action to turn the ship around.

We have a team of financial professionals at Unified Accounting & TAX who offers business advisory services, Taxation Services and more to help you in the different aspects of your business operations. Get in touch with us today to find the answers to your needs.

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