Overcoming Common WFH Challenges

Working from home could mean more time for rest and saving transportation budget. This could also mean more time for your family and being able to get into hobbies.

But, working from home could also mean overcoming challenges the situation has brought upon. Here are some challenges you might need to overcome in a work-from-home situation.

Communication with the team. Since you’ll be coming from different places and some may have different time zones (especially with international companies), communication with the team will require much attention. Unlike meeting face-to-face, breaking the ice a work from home might take some time, but with the help of a fully prepared management team, you’ll get over this soon. Some companies’ efforts to make the employees know each other and build camaraderie in an offshore team is engaging in online games where everyone can freely participate.

Getting distracted. Since you’ll be working from the comfort of your home, getting distracted by everything is easy. Distractions may come from the minor things from assisting your family members, cuddle time with fur babies, and answering social media messages. To overcome this, set a definite workstation. As much as possible, don’t work in your bed or in the living room where other family members could come anytime.

Working over-time. When you’re working from home, there is a tendency that you will throw yourself at it anytime but make sure that you still stick to a routine. Set a work schedule and stick to it. Do not overwork yourself just because you are working from home. Tracking your time could also be helpful, but generally, ensure you still have time for every aspect of your life and take breaks.

Feeling isolated. Having this feeling is challenging as you will work on your own, but this could be overcome by checking in with your teammates from time to time. Have a short chat with your family and friends too.

Dealing with these challenges could be exhausting when you do it alone, but when you are in a company that’s been in the industry for a long time, they will be able to guide and help you. When the pandemic happened, many companies had to adapt to the changes quickly, but few, like Unified Accounting & Tax, have been operating the business in this set-up. And this could be an advantage for someone looking for a permanent work-from-home position as they already know what to do, and they’re equipped to motivate you even when you’re across the globe.

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