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Offshore Business Model is subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors.


There are two main areas wherein companies adopt Offshore practices – back-office and front-office operations. Front-office operations include customer-related services such as sales, help desk, customer service center, and telemarketing. While, back-office Offshore focuses on core business support operations such as accounting, payment processing, human resource, and IT service to professionals who ensure smooth business transactions.


As the actual hiring process becomes more complex, tedious, and time-consuming, third-party support agencies become the practical and valuable option in ensuring a more straightforward, faster, and more accurate selection process for companies.


The process of recruitment is indeed an integral aspect of all businesses. It is not as simple as posting a job vacancy and does not merely end in hiring one. It is centered on building a harmonious partnership between the company and its employees. Thus, finding the right and fitting members of an organization is the key to synergy. As your provider of choice, Unified aims to connect companies to the right global consultants. Meeting our client’s needs while supporting the employee’s growth is the core of our business practice, one that we observe and deliver daily.


Here at Unified, we position experienced and reliable global human resource leaders who take the lead in the end-to-end process of recruitment for our clients. Treating recruitment as a serious business matter, we take pride in our experts who possess strong leadership, most especially in handling such requirements.


Right from the start, we are clear about our intention to provide excellent service to our clients; thus, choosing highly-equipped professionals is our top priority. We embrace the challenge, and we are ready to make an impact.


Let us bring you closer to your envisioned global success. Let us help you build your dream team!


Unified Brand of Building the Dream Team!

Allow us to walk you through the meticulous and dependable methodology our company observes.


Listed are the key aspects that we consider in our recruitment process.


Recruitment Planning.

We listen. Our utmost priority is to understand precisely what the clients need and envision for their company. As an initial step, we conduct alignment meetings to ensure that all requirements and corresponding descriptions are enumerated. Consequently, we prepare a comprehensive job draft that includes the job specifications, skills, qualifications, and experience needed for every position desired.


Strategy Development.

We systematize. From an array of strategies, our team decides which approach to adopt. We deliberate on the various considerations in choosing professionals. From choosing the apt recruitment method, such as social media postings or tapping into LinkedIn to plotting the area from where the experts will be pooled, we consider all possible elements to provide the best-suited personnel for our clients.



We scour. Aiming for the suitable candidates, we methodically check every corner and vigorously turn every rock in the execution of the strategy that our team has developed.



We prioritize. We examine the best candidates fit for the job in reference to the requirement brief. Subsequently, shortlisted applications go through another level of analysis process to ensure an excellent quality of selection.


Evaluation and Control.

We reexamine. The final stage of our process involves the assessment of the effectiveness of our methodology in bringing out the desired outcome for clients. This includes both providing a well-suited candidate for the job and character-typing of the applicant, choosing only who can thrive and potentially match the company’s culture.


Understanding Offshore Business to the Next Level

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to subcontracting business processes to a third-party service provider. Among the frequently outsourced services are IT, accounting, telemarketing, and data recording.



Currently, the BPO industry employs over 1.2 million people, spread over 700 companies (1). As these third-party service providers continue to offer business solutions and opportunities for companies to focus on their core processes, BPOs remain as one of the most thriving businesses in the Philippines to date.


As BPOs continue to offer a wider variety of services for their clients, different kinds of outsourcing are now in place, namely Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Out-Tasking Outsourcing, and Selective Outsourcing.

Business Process Outsourcing refers to completely subcontracting the entire company processes. On the other hand, Knowledge Process Outsourcing focuses on delegating more complex tasks to service providers. Out-Tasking Outsourcing deals with handing over individually-defined tasks, while Selective Outsourcing mixes the specializations of both Business Process Outsourcing and Out-Tasking Outsourcing.


Since the advent of the different forms of outsourcing, business owners should know the type of service they wish to avail of to achieve the maximum benefit for their company. There is a need to look at the end-to-end impact of such an arrangement. Among the multitude of advantages a corporation can enjoy from outsourcing, here are the most notable and mention-worthy benefits.


Efficiency. By tapping and employing specialized professionals from varying fields, the company’s quality of work is ensured. Benefitting from the pool of experts a BPO can provide, there is no doubt that only the best will be working for the company’s desired output. Additionally, this will also reduce company expenses as this will diminish the incurred cost of facilitating training for in-house employees.


Cost-Effective. The need to set up additional offices for personnel is eliminated. This is another benefit of outsourcing, as BPO companies are ready and equipped to supply the necessary physical workspace, equipment, and system for the new employees.


Quality improvement. As tasks are delegated to highly-skilled and dependable professionals, business owners can now allocate and maximize their own time to focus on more important and pressing business concerns. BPO companies are here to manage the people working for the company so that business owners will have more time on their hands.


Regardless of the minor concerns relating to outsourcing, like communication barriers and time differences between employees and business owners, the benefit outweighs such predicaments. Choosing the right qualified, the trustworthy service provider ensures that these aspects are taken care of and guarantees a smooth workflow for the company.


Thus, business owners should take the time to qualify and assess the service provider they wish to work with. Optimum growth and success are gravely dependent on partnering with only the best BPO company, aligned to the vision of both the corporation and its business owner.

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